Rembish & LaSaracina, LLC has many years of experience representing a wide range of clients in the Business Law and Corporate setting. Our clients’ businesses range in size from individuals and small companies to large corporations.

Some of the Business Law and Corporate services that Rembish & LaSaracina, LLC provides to clients include:

  • Negotiations and representation in acquisitions and mergers.
  • Representation of buyers and sellers of businesses.
  • Planning, formation, and registration of appropriate forms of business organizations, such as limited liability companies, C and S corporations and limited liability partnerships.
  • Preparation of shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, and other business succession agreements.
  • Assisting clients in registering state and federal trademarks.
  • Advising clients regarding the preparation of general business agreements and contracts.
  • General counsel for all business and corporate matters
  • Business disputes and commercial litigation
  • Establishing and operating non-profit corporations

Contact the business lawyers of Rembish & LaSaracina, LLC to schedule a consultation about representation and counsel.