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5 Tips on getting through a divorce

Divorce is a life altering experience for yourself and your family. At Rembish & LaSaracina, our family law attorneys Christopher LaSaracina and Kinga Kostaniak give you the confidence, knowledge and support you need to get through this tumultuous time in your life. Five tips for a divorce that is not the worst:

  1. Hire professionals immediately! Make a therapy appointment, hire an attorney you trust, and phone your accountant.
  2. Separate your relationship with your spouse from your children’s relationship with your spouse. A bad spouse does not always equal a bad parent, but a bad parent insults their spouse to their children.
  3. Take some healthy time for yourself. Join a yoga class or  hike a mountain.
  4. Connect with individuals that have gone through a divorce and made it through happier and healthier!
  5. Volunteer! Help someone out in need. There is no better way to boost your confidence than helping someone in your community in need. Your situation might not be as bad as you thought.